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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fort Blount 1816.

Three Hundred Slaves held Fort Blount  on Apalachicola Bay,Florida for Serveral days before being attacked by US Troops. Earlier Under  the command of a Slave, by the name of Garson, and a Choctaw Indian Chief, name unknown. The negro inhabitants of the Fort launched raids into Georgia, this made the Fort a threat to Slavery in Georgia .Fort Blount had to be destroyed. Slaves were comming to the Fort from the Mississippi Territory,and from Tennessee. So the Fort was attacked by a professional US military Force under the command of  General Andrew Jackson. British Soldiers from the war of 1812 lefted a well stocked Fort Blount to there Allies, Choctaw Indians and slaves. The Slaves and Indians put up a good fight for 3or4 days, but they were up against battle hard troops. The Fort was burn to the ground. The Leader Garson was caught and Hung. The Choctaw Indian was Scalped. Thruout my childhood school years, I always read in my History Books that Slaves were happy, always dancing and singing. We know now that slaves fought back, and would reather die in most cases than be a Slave.

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